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Services & Maintenance

HeatCoolOnline service vehicle

What we can service

Not only does HeatCoolOnline offer the best units at the best prices, we also offer servicing on almost every type of heating and cooling equipment.

Preventative maintenance

Join our preventative maintenance schedule where we do general maintenance on your appliance, ensuring maximum efficiency and results, as well as prolonging the life of the appliance. This is done before the start of the season, at a time convenient to us at a drastically reduced rate, saving you money not only on the service call rate, but with your energy bills as well. Don’t wait until your unit breaks down to give us a call.

In case a of a breakdown

If your unit does break down, prompt reliable service is what you’re after. Things tend break at a time that is most inconvenient time, right in the coldest week in winter or hottest week of summer. Minimising the downtime of the appliance is the important factor, something we are focused on at HeatCoolOnline.


Whether you’re a volume builder or an owner builder, give HeatCoolOnline a call. We’ll set up a fantastic price structure, but also ensure that you receive a quality system and a quality job delivered to you on time every time.