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Actron Air – ESP Plus Ducted Split Systems

Actron Air ESP Plus

ModelKw coolKw heatOutletsFully installed
SRD131C 12.27 12.16 8 $11,390
SRD151C 14.37 15 10 $12,030
SRD191C 18.64 18.52 12 $13,890

Some characteristics:

  • Energy Smart Zoning delivers better energy savings
  • Variable Fan Technology that delivers just the right amount of conditioned air to the zones you want – right down to 20% of its total airflow volume
  • Digital compressor that can operate right down to 10% of its total capacity thus saving energy
  • Clever outdoor unit features a vertical, rather than horizontal, discharge of air
  • Powder coated louvered grille guard for better airflow and protection in Australia’s extreme weather conditions
  • Blue fin epoxy coated protection on the indoor and outdoor coils of ESP Plus reduces corrosion from the harsh conditions and assists the defrosting process and improving heating efficiency
  • Quieter operation, clever design, technology and choice of materials underpin ActronAir’s Sound Reduction System
  • In winter, uses a smart preheat delay function so that the coil heats up before the fan comes on
  • Auto resturt on blackout

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