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Processes for getting it right

For the majority of us, heating or cooling is a major investment, both to provide relief from the outdoor climate conditions and to add value to your dwelling. We are well aware of this. We follow the below process to ensure each and every home, office or factory is sized, designed and installed correctly, so you not only have a very effective and efficient system, but piece of mind as well.

Initial contact & make an appointment

Whether you contact us by phone of completing the enquiry form, we make an appointment with your to conduct a free, no obligation site inspection. This is a critical component in achieving an effective and efficient system.

Although you can find various pricing for a variety of systems, whether it be on this site or elsewhere, it may not always be applicable to you or it may not factor in a variety of scenarios which could apply to your home. It is a regular occurrence to tend to service calls or quote against companies offering under sized equipment, resulting in poor performance and high running costs.

Site inspection

We use the opportunity to discuss what you are wanting to achieve by installing a system.

We make an assessment of the dwelling to ensure the job can be installed as it needs to be and proceed to measure up and calculate room volumes, determining outlet sizes and unit sizing. It is not uncommon to come across flat roofs, cathedral ceilings etc., where they can hinder what we are trying to achieve, but through years of experience we generally find a way to make it happen and run through the pros and cons of doing so.

On the spot quote

Whilst doing the site inspection, we take into account everything that has been discussed, the requirements of the dwelling and put together a free quote on the spot to have the system fully installed by our licensed and professional HeatCoolOnline installers.


Once the quotation has been accepted, the system is designed not only to suit the application, but to ensure that optimum results are achieved. Our installers are a mix of full time HeatCoolOnline installers & sub contractors.

When doing the installation, we prefer the home owner to be present, so that everything is installed to your 100% satisfaction.


With each installation you receive the relevant certificates to ensure that not only will you be covered under the manufacturers warranty, but under our insurance policy as well.

Maintenance & service

We pride ourselves on our after sales service. You will never hear a manufacturer talking about faults and failure of equipment. The truth is it happens, and usually at the time of year when you need it most.

With many avenues of contact available including personal mobile phone numbers, we will be able to minimise the downtime of the unit promptly.

If you already have a unit installed, you can join our regular routine maintenance schedule where we annually service your unit before the start of the coming season to ensure efficiency and reliability, prolonging the life expectancy of your system or in the event your unit has failed, we can attend, assess and repair units with minimal fuss and down time.