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Haier – Reverse Cycle 360 Smart Flow Cassette

ModelKW coolKW heatFully Installed
ABH071H1ERG 7.1 7.8 $3,330
ABH090H1ERG 9 10.1 $3,740
ABH105H1ERG 10 10.5 $3,940
ABH125K1ERG 12.5 13 $4,180


ABH071H1ERG smart flow

Why Haier

  • Premium air filtration for removal of smaller airborne dust particles, and other materials.
  • Built-in microprocessor automatically detects room temperature and determines operation mode either heating or cooling.
  • Control via with smart phone or tablet which can connect to the Internet Outlet louvers can be independently controlled.
  • Outdoor unit designed for heating operation down to - 20 °C, cooling operation down to - 15 °C
  • Allows the system pressures to balance before attempting start of the compressor, to prevent damage and excessive power consumption.
  • The heat exchanger aluminium fin stock has a Hydrophilic coating for its anti- corrosion properties and its low surface tension, which enables water droplets to fl ow off the surface better than standard Aluminium fin.
  • Individual flap control - The four outlet louvers can be controlled individually by the controller, providing maximum comfort throughout the room.
  • Round flow air supply - Air supply in all directions to improve air distribution.
  • Pre-set fresh air inlet can introduce the outside fresh air into the room, to improve the indoor air quality.
  • Moving eye intelligent panel (Optional) - The panel has a eye that can detect movement in the room.

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