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LG - Reverse Cycle Wall Mounted Split Systems

ModelKW coolKW heatFully Installed
P09AWN-14 2.5 3.2 $1,690
P12AWN-14 3.5 4 $1,760
P18AWN-14 5 6 $1,960
P24AWN-14 7 8 $2,420
P28AWN-14 8 9 $2,700


LG SplitsSplit System Air Conditioners

  • Active energy control governs electricity consumption in cooling mode, providing improved efficiency at a reducing cooling output.
  • Wi-Fi Smart Control - The LG Smart AC app lets you access and control your air conditioner using your smartphone; it provides current and accumulated electricity consumption data daily, weekly, and monthly; alerting you when electricity consumption hits your pre-programmed limit.
  • Standby mode - operates three minutes after the air conditioner is turned off via the remote control; the mode removes power from the outdoor unit and only powers the indoor unit remote control receiver circuitry, saving unnecessary power consumption in the outdoor unit.
  • Demand Response Enable Device - may be activated by the electricity supplier during periods of peak grid demand. Some electricity suppliers provide a rebate when a DRED enabled air conditioner is installed. You should consult your electricity supplier for further information, including rebate conditions.
  • The auto cleaning function - helps to minimise the formation of mould & bacteria on the heat exchanger.
  • Micro Dust Filter - uses electrostatic charges to capture microscopic particles including allergens such as pollen & dust.
  • Sleep Mode sound level
  • Outdoor quiet mode
  • Optimised 4 way airflow
  • Jet cool for faster cooling
  • Remote control


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