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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Reverse Cycle Wall Mounted Split Systems

ModelKW coolKW heatFully Installed
DXK06ZM-S 2 2.7 $1,700
DXK09ZMA-S 2.7 3.2 $1,780
DXK12ZMA-S 3.3 4 $1,930
DXK18ZMA-S 5 5.8 $2,230
DXK21ZMA-S 6.3 7.1 $2,520
DXK24ZMA-S 7.1 8 $2,690
DXK28ZMA-S 8 9 $3,180
DXK32ZMA-S 9.2 10 $3,800


MHIAAIn brief

  • Equipped with an easy to use controller boasting an assortment of convenient functions and fi lters, compact stylish design and quiet operation, a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner will be a valuable addition to any home. The DXK range provides choices of air conditioners suitable for the smallest bedrooms to the largest entertainment areas.
  • Self clean operation, allergen clean system
  • Operation: Fuzzy auto mode, automatic or Hi Power operation
  • Timers - ON > OFF, weekly, 24 hour programmable, dry operation, economy mode, sleep mode, night setback
  • Quiet operation - the combination of the jet airflow system and serration stabilizer configuration ensures uniform breeze to every corner of the room, lowering the operation noise further by minimizing the interaction between airfl ow and the fan.
  • Three sensors to control indoor temperature, indoor humidity and outdoor temperature enable the unit to obtain optimum air-conditioning
  • Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) built into each indoor unit in the ZMA/ZMXA range
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Wide Operation Range Heating and cooling operations are possible at an outdoor temperature as low as –15°C.
  • Microcomputer operated defrosting


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