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Brivis Evaporative Cooling


ModelControlOutletsFully InstalledChangeover
F26DS Manual 4 $3,030 $2,000
F36D Manual 5 $3,350 $2,120
F46DS Manual 6 $3,640 $2,220
F56D Manual 7 $4,010 $2,340
F66DS Manual 8 $4,320 $2,370
F76D Manual 9 $4,630 $2,460
F86DS Manual 10 $4,950 $2,580


ModelControlOutletsFully InstalledChangeover
L26 Networker 4 $3,330 $2,200
L36 Networker 5 $3,610 $2,290
L46 Networker 6 $3,880 $2,350
L56 Networker 7 $4,220 $2,450
L66 Networker 8 $4,550 $2,530
L76 Networker 9 $4,920 $2,650


Advance lgAdvance Series

With large airflow and cooling pads, the Brivis Advance uses an uniquely designed AutoRefresh water management system and has a sloping trough which keeps the water constantly circulating through the system. It has the Brivis FreshStart operation fitted as standard. The Brivis Advance also has a variable speed fan allowing the cooler to run slowly when all you need is a gentle breeze to keep you cool.

High efficiency cooling pads

WinterSeal available to prevent heat escaping in winter

Extra airflow

Available in three colours: Charcoal, Terra Red and Beige

contour24Contour Series

Exclusively Brivis, the Contour has the lowest profile and is one of the most advanced evaporative coolers in its class – designed to deliver volumes of cold air without the profile of traditional coolers.

  • AquaSave water management system
  • Large Cooling Capacity
  • ServoSeal motorised winter seal
  • Up to 130mm thick cooling pads
  • Low profile sloping base
  • Available in five colours: Charcoal, Terra Red, Beige, Rivergum and Chocolate
  • Pre-wet function 


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