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Haier – Super Match Reverse Cycle Multi–Head Split Systems

Condenser ModelKW coolKW heatIndoor unitsFully installed
3U19FS2ERA 5.3 5.6 3 x AS07NS3HRA (2kw) $3,900
3U24GS2ERA 6.8 6.8 1 x AS09NS3HRA (2.7kw) $4,220 
      2 x AS07NS3HRA (2kw) $4,220
4U30HS2ERA 8 8.5 4 x AS07NS3HRA (2kw) $5,010
5U34HS2ERA 9.6 10.1 5 x AS07NS3HRA (2kw) $5,920


3U19 multi0headSuper Match Multi Systems

Haier Super Match systems offer interchangeable indoor units.

Connect one indoor unit or up to five (¹) with 1,000 possible indoor combinations. (¹) Model dependant.

Health: Mesh air filtration to collect airborne particles such as dust and lint; Premium air filtration for removal of smaller airborne dust particles and other materials; In cooling or dehumidification mode operation, the dust on the evaporator is removed with the condensate water, and after the cooling has shut down the fan will continue to operate to dry the evaporator

Comfort: Control via with smart phone or tablet which can connect to the Internet, Just press the button “quiet” on the remote controller to operate in quiet mode; Outdoor unit designed for heating operation down to - 15 °C, cooling operation down to - 10; Allows the system pressures to balance before attempting start of the compressor to prevent damage and excessive power consumption; The heat exchanger aluminium fin stock has a Hydrophilic coating for its anti-corrosion properties and its low surface tension, which enables water droplets to flow off the surface better than standard Aluminium fin; Work in powerful mode, to provide fast heating or cooling; Air directed at low level in heating and upward in cooling mode for correct airflow.

Designed with alternative drain connection convenience on either side of the indoor unit.

Inbuilt water pump for removal of condensate.

Slim design to suit ceiling cavities.

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