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Coolair Evaporative Cooling

ModelControlOutletsFully InstalledChangeover
CPQ450 MagIQcool 4 $3,020 $1,850
CPQ700 MagIQcool 5 $3,360 $1,960
CPQ850 MagIQcool 6 $3,720 $2,100
CPQ1100 MagIQcool 8 $4,270 $2,220


coolair CPL product range evaporative air conditioningCPQ range

Featuring the state-of-the-art super quiet Stealth® fan and smart electronics. With its advanced aerodynamic design, the Stealth fan produces a constant, cool, quiet and welcoming breeze by using only a small amount of energy. With a new set of smart electronics, the new touch screen MagIQtouch Controller is now available as an upgrade.


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